Artist Statement

My work has always been a blend of testing one two three processes; my love of drawing, painting and surface design and working with clay. When working in wet clay I am totally immersed in the challenges the medium presents. Sometimes I allow the clay to lead the way as I work on the wheel, other times I create drawings combining thrown, cast and handbuilt pieces of clay. Recent work also incorporates carving and impressed textures. Combining all these processes, I strive to create unique personalities for my pieces.

Once the pieces are bisqued, I have a blank canvas for painting and I focus my attention on surface decoration. I play at joining the carved, organic lines with hard edge graphic patterns and layers of gestural brushstrokes to create a look and feel of depth and motion. Areas are accented with pencil and press-type graphics to complete the atmospheric layering.

Although I choose forms that are functional, I see my work as sculptural, creating objects that acquire a presence, challenging the traditional ideas of function. For many of my pieces their “function” simply becomes the process of engaging the viewer in a delightful visual dance of color, pattern and form.

All work is whiteware clay, painted with underglazes, accented with pencil and fired to <04. Decorative and sculptural vessels are painted with underglazes and accented with color pencil, chalks, and press type additions. Functional work is glazed while others are left unglazed with a water-based sealant protecting the surface painting.


2004 Masters of Elementary Education, K-4, Wilmington University, Delaware.
1982 BFA, St. Mary’s College, Minor: Art History.
79-80 Art History Study in Rome, Italy.


Designing for the Table, Michael Wolk, 1992.
Craft Arts International, Australia; Portfolio No 97, “Colleen Zufelt”, 1992.
Best of Pottery, 1996, Rockport Publishers, Inc.
The Ceramic Design Book, 1998, Lark Books.
Wheel-Thrown Ceramics,1998, Lark Books.
The Hunt, “X-Girls”, Art with Susan Myers, Oct/Nov 1999.


Delaware State Art Educator of the Year 2011
Arts in Education Residency, St. Ann’s School, Delaware State Arts Council, 1994
Artist in Residence, Boys and Girls Clubs, Wilmington, DE; 1990-1991
Artist in Residence, Wilmington Arts Commission, 1986, 1989

Individual Artist Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council, 1992
Emerging Artist Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council, 1986

Ms Zufelt has exhibited in the Baltimore Craft Show, Rosen Group Buyers of American Crafts and numerous other shows and galleries throughout the US. Currently she teaches art at Henry B. DuPont Middle School in Wilmington, DE.


Colleen Zufelt

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